R.D., Pharmaceutical Industry

If you are seeking a business coach, whose presence, clarity and confidence conveys deep trust in you as a resourceful client, trust in the coaching process as a powerful technology for profound learning and growth and in herself as a masterful coach, look no further. Christa has a deep ability to help her clients clear the muddy waters (of their thinking), allowing the next steps to emerge with clarity and focus. I highly recommend Christa as your partner to create breakthroughs, in business and in life.

Christa’s style with me was direct, creative and non-judgemental. I felt totally at ease exploring what was blocking me. One of Christa’s strengths as my coach (in this instance) was to recognise and intercept when I was in an unproductive thinking loop and invite me to consider different perspectives. Visualisations, exploration and reframing of metaphors and shifts in physical state are examples of Christa’s responsiveness, depth and flexibility as a coach, which helped me to access more resources from different perspectives.

Through Christa’s coaching, I learned a lot about myself, my stories and how to evolve beyond the ones that have been holding me back. I have a clear path towards my goals, and a clear strategy for recognising and tackling the resistance that has been making progress much harder than it needs to be.

Christa’s presence, clarity and confidence as a coach was contagious and helped me, as a client, to have the presence, clarity and confidence to face resistance that I had been unwilling or unable to face before. Her trust in herself as a coach, the process of coaching and in me as a client was deep and palpable.