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Christa has been very privileged to work with fantastic lawyers, leaders, teams and organisations from all over the world. She has trained and coached people of over 60 different nationalities. She works mostly in English, but quite regularly also in German and French and sometimes even in Schwiitzerdütsch (Swiss German). 

SAMIDA has had long lasting client relationships with most major international law firms but also with some local boutiques. Christa has worked with numerous leaders and legal & compliance functions of big companies. In addition, she is an accredited coach to the EU Institutions. She works regularly with Managers in the EU Commission, Parliament and many EU Agencies. 

Christa is also a Mentor at VMS – Venture Mentoring Service of the University of Luxembourg.  VMS is an MIT affiliated program ( implemented by the University of Luxembourg to foster entrepreneurship and creation of new ventures by UL students. My role is to mentor selected projects.

Over the last years Christa has worked closely with the Association of Corporate Counsels Europe (ACCE) and has coached many of its members at various conferences.