Christa Cantieni Cunin

Christa Cantieni Cunin is the founder and Managing Director of SAMIDA.

“I see myself as an awareness-creator, sounding board and trusted sparring partner. Every lawyer is unique and has different needs, values and drivers. I adapt my approach to the learning preferences and underlying motivations of every client and to the culture of every team as well as the organisation. I use a variety of tools drawn from leadership development, performance improvement, NLP, principles of systems, constellations, emotional intelligence, inner game, mediation/negotiations etc. I also take advantage of my own past experience as a lawyer, manager and member of the senior management of a big company as well as a start-up business owner. In every of my intervention I focus on helping the client widen his/her perspective as well as perception and open up to new possibilities for action and responsibility.”

Christa is a professional Executive Business Coach with MCC credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF) an international professional organisation safeguarding the highest quality and ethical standards in the coaching profession. Christa upholds the Code of Ethics of ICF. The ICF Master Certified Coach – MCC credential represents the highest level of achievement in coaching and identifies a senior coach. Here some statistics: In 2022 out of 50500 members 41900 were holding a credential. 56% were ACC, 40% were PCC and only 4% were MCC.

Christa works internationally and has coached professionals from more than 60 countries in English, French and German.

“My work experience spans over 25 years. I started my career in Switzerland working as a lawyer in the telecommunications industry. Later I moved for one year to the US where I undertook a LL.M. degree at New York University. Upon return I was offered the opportunity to become the General Counsel in a newly created IT company of over 3000 employees. I enormously enjoyed myself building up a team and develop people, doing strategy and management work. For family reasons I moved later to Brussels where I worked as an EU-lobbyist for a while and, in parallel, obtained a master’s degree in EU law from ULB Brussels. In 2006 I decided to undergo extensive training and reorient my career to become a professional coach.

When founding my company SAMIDA I decided to combine my passion for people development, management and organisational health issues with my previous career experiences and contribute to the advancement of the industries and sectors I knew best. Over the last 15 years, I have been very privileged to work with fantastic lawyers, leaders and organizations from all over the world. I have trained and coached people of over 60 different nationalities. – I am married and a mother of 3 teenage/adult children.

I work in English, German and French.”

Christa’s career and education milestones: