Christa Cantieni Cunin

Christa Cantieni Cunin is the founder and Managing Director of SAMIDA.

She is a professional Executive Business Coach with PCC credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF) an international professional organisation safeguarding the highest quality and ethical standards in the coaching profession. Christa upholds the Code of Ethics of ICF.

She works internationally and has coached professionals from more than 40 countries in English, French and German.

“I am Swiss by origin but have lived for more than 10 years in Brussels. – I started my career in Switzerland working as a lawyer in the telecommunications and IT industry. Later I moved for one year to the US where I undertook an LL.M. degree at New York University and most importantly also met a Belgian who later became my husband. Upon return to Switzerland I was offered the opportunity to become part of the senior management in a newly created IT company of over 2500 employees. I enormously enjoyed myself building up a team and doing management work. At the same time I made a shift from being a more technical professional to become a manager.
For family reasons I moved to Brussels end of 2004 where I worked as an EU-lobbyist for a while. In parallel I obtained a master’s degree in EU law and policy from ULB Brussels.
In 2006 I decided to reorient my career and become an executive business coach and facilitator. After extensive training and the international certification as a coach, I developed my business dedicated to the improvement of management, professional development and organisational health. Today I work across Europe and help lawyers, managers, company executives and senior managers in EU-Institutions become better leaders and improve the collaboration and performance of their teams.
I am happily married and a mother of three. I experience every day the blessings, joys and challenges of being a parent and professional at the same time.”

Christa’s career and education milestones: