SAMIDA Methodology

  1. Introduction session (can also take place over the phone)
  2. Diagnosis – clear needs assessment with the key stakeholders
  3. Evaluation of results of diagnosis phase and definition of goals for the programme
  4. Presenting of a concept for a programme to tackle the specific needs
  5. Discuss and agree on the concept with all stakeholders
  6. Preparation and delivery of the programme
  7. Measurement (quality control and evaluation)

Christa describes her approach the following way:

“I see myself as an awareness-creator, a sounding board and a trusted sparring partner for lawyers, leaders and organisations that want to evolve, develop and grow.

Every organisation and every professional is unique and has different needs, values and drivers. I adapt my approach to the learning preferences and underlying motivations of every client and to the culture of every team.

My toolbox is substantial. I use a variety of tools drawn from leadership development, psychometrics, management theory, performance improvement, NLP, principles of systems, constellations, emotional intelligence, inner game, mediation/negotiations etc. I also take advantage of my own past experience as a lawyer, manager and member of the senior management of a big company as well as a start-up business owner and entrepreneur.

In every of my intervention I focus on helping the client (be it an organisation or an individual) widen perspective as well as perception and open up to new possibilities for action and responsibility.”