Self-Awareness, Persuasion, Influence and Empowerment

Presentation skills/public speaking programmes

Programme to help professionals progress in public speaking and give more impactful presentations. The goal is to help professionals be at ease, feel natural and authentic when on stage and presenting in front of an audience. Video is used to enhance self-awareness.

Negotiation skills programmes

Based on the Harvard Programme on Negotiations methodology the programme helps professionals become aware of negotiation dynamics and acquire specific persuasion skills.

Business development skills programmes for lawyers

These programmes are designed specifically for lawyers to help them become more at ease with business development and commercial client relationships.

High impact communication skills programmes

These programmes are based on a profiling tool measuring a professional’s communication preferences, strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. It helps creating awareness around own drivers and development areas. This is combined with exercises and role-plays around active listening, and dealing with difficult communication situations. Self-awareness is a prerequisite for increasing emotional intelligence.

Workshops for Law Firm Partners, Executives and Managers on how to coach their Associates/employees

Straight to the point workshops with lots of role-plays around empowering people management techniques.