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Lawyers, Executives and Managers are extremely busy and driven in their daily work. Coaching & mentoring gives them the valuable opportunity to take some distance, look at the big picture and reflect around “why”, “what” and “how”. It is also a safe place to off-load, where there is nothing to prove. Coaching & mentoring provides a source for new energy and inspiration. In her coaching & mentoring  sessions Christa acts as a sounding board for introspection and learning.


Law Firms Business Coaching & Mentoring Programmes

Christa has been a lawyer herself and this makes it easy for her to relate to the law firm context and the challenges of lawyers. She also has the “client”-perspective as she has worked many years in-house.

SAMIDA programmes are for:

In-house Legal & Compliance Business Coaching & Mentoring Programmes

Christa was in-house and had a General Counsel position. She therefore has in debth knowledge of the realities of in-house Legal and Compliance roles.

SAMIDA programmes are for:

Business Coaching Programmes for Senior Managers in European Institutions

Christa holds a specialisation in European Law and Policy and has worked as an EU-Lobbyist for a while. She is perfectly familiar with the context of European Institutions. She has worked with over 70 leaders and managers in the European Investment Bank Group over the last years.

SAMIDA programmes are for:

Business Coaching Programmes for Board Members, C-Level and Senior Executives

As a member of the Senior Management of a large Swiss company and reporting directly to the CEO Christa has experienced the challenges of high level managers and leaders in large organisations. Christa has also acquired valuable experiences as a start-up business owner and entrepreneur. All of this gives her precious insights working with C-level executives and board members in organizations.

SAMIDA programmes are for: