P.N., Partner, International Law Firm

Christa has been extremely helpful during the 18 months of coaching, to me and to the team. The transition after our senior partner’s departure has taken its toll on everyone and we really needed her. She was there for us, always providing relevant advice and benevolent support.

In practice, it was always good talking to here, she was the little voice in my head, understanding and sorting my issues to make me realize what needed to be done. Giving insightful advice and assisting with unveiling our true priorities. It is thanks to her that I was able to make the first part of the transformation to being elevated to partner despite the hurdles. Each meeting ended up with a short and clear action lists. I won’t have succeeded without her.

The team also realized that we cared, that she cared and that we were here to help them develop and reach their objectives. The team is now stronger and more solid because of her help. Her feedback greatly helped my co-partner and myself to understand the undercurrents in the team and where to work to make associates grow stronger and more efficient. – A big thanks to Christa.