P.H., Asscociate, Law Firm

The coaching with Christa helped me to become more aware of my character traits, workings habits and preferences, strengths and weaknesses at work. It also helped me to better identify my role within the firm and what is expected from me. Finally, it helped me to identify my own expectations vis-à-vis my work and the firm. Based on the above, the coaching helped me to determine the key elements to improve in order to function better at work in general, and in particular within the firm. Finally, the coaching gave me adequate and personalised tools and methods to achieve these goals (organisation system, communication habits, stress management exercises, etc.). The result thereof is that I could drastically improve my self-confidence, my personal organisation and my efficiency, leading in a significant diminution of my overall stress level, with a positive impact on my well-being.

As explained above, the coaching helped me to increase my organisation and my efficiency, with a positive effect on the work I achieve within the firm (volume and quality).The use of some communication habits and tools helps me to inform the partners and colleagues in a more transparent way of the status of my work and of my workload. This should enable a better distribution of the work amongst the associates a better anticipation of the expected time for an assignment to be done, more efficiency when dealing with some unexpected (legal) issues in particular files. Finally, the coaching helped to establish a dialog with the partners in order to better identify their expectations, and gave me some tools and methods to meet these expectations more easily. Conversely, the coaching also helped to identify some structural issues that could have a negative impact on my work and my well-being and proposed some strategies to the partners in order to improve the work conditions where possible.

Christa did a great job in coaching me. I really appreciated her listening skills, as well as her very positive and constructive mind-set in analysing the situation. Through various discussion and exercises, she identified the relevant issues and addressed them in a very constructive way. She was also able to point out the positive aspects of my situation, which had a positive impact on my self-confidence. She proposed me adequate and personalised solutions to my problems, based on my character traits, my strengths and my weaknesses. This personalised work allows me to now benefit from efficient tools and methods I am comfortable with. Finally, I really appreciated Christa’s efforts and creativity to find workable solutions for all involved parties and to push me to bring the best out of myself. For all these reasons, I would recommend Christa to others without any hesitation.