A.R. Associate General Counsel

I contacted Christa for the first time for coaching sessions to help me identifying my dream job. Since then, we have been in an ongoing coaching relationship with a couple of sessions a year.
A profound reorganisation within my company affects heavily my working environment at the moment. The main business stakeholder I am primarily directly handling as a Legal Director for European categories, is in the process of being merged with another company and will be relocated to another country. This time of uncertainty collides with the birth of my second child and directly impacts the need for (financial) stability and certainty. The coaching has helped me going through this difficult time, understanding my fears to overcome events that are outside my control and building on my strengths to continue moving forward.
The coaching has been around the following themes: setting goals, developing vision for my future, helping me calm down and manage my stress, working around self-limiting beliefs, helping me getting out of tunnel-views that were too limiting, acquiring leadership skills, improvement of communication, strategic thinking, work/life balance, responsibilities for a family etc.
Christa also used a psychometric tool that helped me very much become aware of my communications and behavioural patterns. The discussion with Christa around my results gave me the keys to understand communications challenges and limitations I encounter with my subordinates, peers and my boss.
Christa’s coaching approach helped me becoming aware of unconscious drivers in my behaviour. She asked me questions to help me structure my thinking and proposed simple yet eye-opening exercises to help me see the situations from different perspectives and angles.
All of the above has helped me to understand myself deeply like never before and bottom-out what have been limiting psychological inhibitors during most of my life.

Christa has this unique ability to understand her client, ask the right questions in the right way and provide compelling effective tools to help her client overcoming his fears and moving forward in a sustainable manner. This is truly amazing and ground breaking.
I therefore recommend Christa Cantieni Cunin as an Executive Coach without any hesitation.