A.B., Head of Legal, Finance Industry

Christa is the first coach assigned to my personal & leadership development as a legal manager.
We were able to create right away a very trusted relationship.

Christa has a kind, methodical and holistic approach to help raise the awareness of the coachee on his/her (false) beliefs, needs, capacity, value etc. and to help enhance the communication of the coachee with the senior management.
Christa used different personal development tools which are very powerful.

During Christa’s coaching, I could:

  1. Develop my managerial personality (clarify my role as a manager, my position vis-à-vis senior management, create awareness of certain communication patterns, etc.) and establish a better work-life balance
  2. Escalate and communicate my resources issues to senior management
  3. Define my resources needs and define the profile for the function as senior legal counsel
  4. Receive leadership support during the onboarding of my new colleague

Christa received also very positive feedback from senior management.

I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the coaching sessions.