P.G., Senior Manager, European Institution

I met Christa for the first time, as part of a leadership programme at EIF, for coaching sessions around public speaking and presentation skills. I had ot prepare a speech for an international conference. The speech was recorded and made publicly available on “Youtube”. Although I had quite some public speaking experience this was an additional step which caused sore stress in advanced.
In the coaching we worked around: analysing a video of me giving a presentation, feedback on my behaviour, outlining my strengths and challenges in giving presentation, helping me calm down and manage my stress before speaking, boosting self confidence, preparation of presentation, key issues in presentation (using visuals, simplification of key messages, powerful use of powerpoint, starting, ending etc.)
Working with video helped a lot. Christa’s pertinent and sincere positive and negative feedback was critical. Having Christa have a critical review of one of my presentations was such a key added value. I appreciated the mix of technical skills (presentation/slide deck) and the work on the soft side/mindset. Her tools and tips I can also use in other “critical” situations, not only when giving presentations.
I was extremely pleased with the coaching and Christa’s approach, therefore EIF decided to propose her services to other managers at EIF.

It is my pleasure to warmly recommend Christa Cantieni Cunin and her services.