I am very satisfied with Christa’s coaching. She helped me overcome my fears in many areas. During the coaching, I progressed on many aspects (speaking in public, self-confidence, career management) and also learned a lot on how to take distance to aspects not under my control. She widened my view at a moment I was undergoing work challenges. She also helped me set priorities and defend them. I really feel that I grew up during this coaching.

A.E., Senior Associate, International Law Firm

If you are seeking a business coach, whose presence, clarity and confidence conveys deep trust in you as a resourceful client, trust in the coaching process as a powerful technology for profound learning and growth and in herself as a masterful coach, look no further. Christa has a deep ability to help her clients clear the muddy waters (of their thinking), allowing the next steps to emerge with clarity and focus. I highly recommend Christa as your partner to create breakthroughs, in business and in life.

Christa’s style with me was direct, creative and non-judgemental. I felt totally at ease exploring what was blocking me. One of Christa’s strengths as my coach (in this instance) was to recognise and intercept when I was in an unproductive thinking loop and invite me to consider different perspectives. Visualisations, exploration and reframing of metaphors and shifts in physical state are examples of Christa’s responsiveness, depth and flexibility as a coach, which helped me to access more resources from different perspectives.

Through Christa’s coaching, I learned a lot about myself, my stories and how to evolve beyond the ones that have been holding me back. I have a clear path towards my goals, and a clear strategy for recognising and tackling the resistance that has been making progress much harder than it needs to be.

Christa’s presence, clarity and confidence as a coach was contagious and helped me, as a client, to have the presence, clarity and confidence to face resistance that I had been unwilling or unable to face before. Her trust in herself as a coach, the process of coaching and in me as a client was deep and palpable.

R.D., Pharmaceutical Industry

I would like to thank Christa in particular for the quality of the coaching. These sessions allowed me to rediscover myself and to give the best of myself. Christa was able to give me the confidence and legitimacy that I was lacking to take this new step in my career. It is obvious that this experience has been very enriching and beneficial for the future.

V.F., Counsel, Law Firm

Christa is a terrific coach.  She knows the legal industry and is a great sounding board to think through some of the leadership questions that senior lawyers in law firms are expected to address.  Her sessions combined the right blend of strategic insights and practical tips to help improve my leadership skills.

L.R., Senior Partner, International Law Firm

Christa was very attentive, and a good listener in all of the coaching session, and came up with the right questions and comments. From the start (chemistry session), she gave me very good feedback and could steer the discussions to the main points, looking for ways to support and broaden the debate. Her feedback triggered reflections on my side, and during the sessions we discussed different points which lead to good results.
The atmosphere was very good, open and frank, and I highly appreciated the trust and collaboration during these sessions which led to a very good outcome overall.

M.W., Senior Manager, European Commission

Christa is an accomplished master coach. She blends a commercial background with a sense of personal maturity and wisdom, making her an ideal coach whether the client is coming for personal or professional outcomes. In fact, she is adept at bridging the personal and the professional in an holistic way. She is warm, empathic, and intelligent, blending beautifully the need to address practical matters with a deep sensitivity to the inner life and journey of the client. This allows her to situate expressed issues in a deeper personal context, which respects perfectly the inner ecology of the client within the wider ecology which the client is both shaping and being shaped by. Christa is a leading coach both for leaders and for those still finding the best way to lead themselves.

P.W., Senior Coach

The coaching sessions have been of great value in both my professional as well as personal development.

During the past 11 months, I shared with Christa my day-to-day challenges and she has helped me to analyse and identify what possible steps I could take to overcome such challenges.

Using different methodologies, I was able to understand why I was reacting in certain ways or why I was taking certain decisions. By becoming more aware of my personality traits, it was easier to identify concrete small actions that I could pursue in order to, among others, create high performing teams, communicate effectively and influence stakeholders.

The coaching sessions with Christa were also motivational. The positive feedback I received on the actions I was taking were reassuring and a confirmation that I was going in the right direction.

Christa was also pivotal in coming up with new ideas to manage teams under teleworking conditions. I implemented her proposals and the feedback from the teams was positive.

The coaching sessions also helped me to be more open to new perspectives regarding career progression and to realise that I can bring added value by doing things differently.

Overall, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Christa. All the sessions we had are a luxury and a great way to increase employee satisfaction.

Big thank you to Christa and my organisation for making this possible!

C.S., Head of Division, European Institution

Thank you very much Christa and my heartfelt best wishes to you!  I know you will be helping many more people in 2023!  Go Christa, Go!

Thank you again for being part of my growth in 2022.

Y.R., Senior Associate, International Law Firm

The coaching journey I had with Christa was highly satisfactory. I particularly valued how the trajectory built up step by step with a personality test at the outset and then developing various points further. I feel that I am much more aware of my strengths, my professional capabilities and what my professional value is. The coaching increased my self-awareness, self-certainty and helped determine what my next professional steps can be. Thank you very much Christa for all of this!

E.J., Senior Lawyer, International Law Firm

Christa is a really experienced coach, capable to observe, to ask, and creating a perfect coaching experience in term of awake awareness. I really admire Christa’s capability to feel, observe and show my own emotional state and to reinforce my awareness on my positive beliefs and values.
Thank you Christa. It was a great coaching experience. Next time I’d like to have you as a mentor and supervisor.

F.L., Senior Business Coach

Christa is competent, committed and caring. Her safe and strong presence gave me the opportunity to open up, share our experiences and engage on the project which was truly meaningful to me.
I gained clarity and a wider vision on possibilities which I didn’t trust at the beginning of our journey.
Christa is a competent, committed and caring professional. She enters the coaching relationship with a safe and strong presence, brings her clear vision and is ready to share genuine appreciation, value and her solid experience fostering growth and concrete results.

L.R., Economist

I am extremely satisfied of my sessions with Christa. Christa provided me very useful and precise advice to improve the way I present. – Christa has been extraordinary since day one. She has asked me a lot of questions to understand better who I was and how I operate. Once she had a good understanding of who I was, she provided me with support, encouraged me to push further and always provided me with constructive and detailed feedback, which helped me build a stronger case and also restored my confidence.

I can only recommend Christa and was delighted that I had the opportunity to have her as my coach.

N.B., Counsel, Law Firm

The coaching has really helped me structure my thoughts, goals and create awareness about real questions at stake. The creation of a peaceful and trustful atmosphere made it possible to speak about any concern and have open discussions about very private topics.

K.S., Senior Partner, Law Firm

Christa did an excellent job! During each and every session Christa was able to provide me with very helpful thoughts and recommendation how to deal with issues regarding my personal career development and business development. She has profound knowledge and expertise in supporting partners in international law firms, which was extremely valuable for me, in particular to get a comparison how partners in other firms are handling matters. In this regard, Christa was very open and interested in my ambitions and concerns and I truly appreciated her confidential treatment of our discussions. In particular, for me it was very important to discuss my “problems” with a person outside the firm in a very open and transparent manner and I really benefited from her constructive feedback!

R.J., Partner, International Law Firm

Christa has been extremely helpful during the 18 months of coaching, to me and to the team. The transition after our senior partner’s departure has taken its toll on everyone and we really needed her. She was there for us, always providing relevant advice and benevolent support.

In practice, it was always good talking to here, she was the little voice in my head, understanding and sorting my issues to make me realize what needed to be done. Giving insightful advice and assisting with unveiling our true priorities. It is thanks to her that I was able to make the first part of the transformation to being elevated to partner despite the hurdles. Each meeting ended up with a short and clear action lists. I won’t have succeeded without her.

The team also realized that we cared, that she cared and that we were here to help them develop and reach their objectives. The team is now stronger and more solid because of her help. Her feedback greatly helped my co-partner and myself to understand the undercurrents in the team and where to work to make associates grow stronger and more efficient. – A big thanks to Christa.

P.N., Partner, International Law Firm

Thank you Christa. I had a great experience with you as a coachee. Not only I learned a lot about myself, I also learned a lot about coaching. It is not always easy to trust fully in coaching sessions, and I really did so with you. I’m grateful about the space you gave me for thinking about myself. And I learned that attention to emotion and change on emotional behaviours are important not only to notice, but also to allow the client to become aware of them. Thank you so much. You are a really beautiful person and I hope to meet you again.

F.L., Senior Business Coach

Working with Christa was a real pleasure and I can’t thank her enough for her availability, listening skills and timely insights.

Our collaboration was marked by the additional challenge of Covid -19, which disrupted my working environment tremendously and tested my resilience, creativity and leadership skills beyond anything I could have imagined. All of us were faced with unprecedented difficulties in our lives and in our teams, and it was not hard to feel overwhelmed by it all. Christa helped me understand and trust my own strength and resourcefulness, and think about what I can do to sustain and develop those qualities to keep me and my team going, through this crisis and beyond. And then she managed to make me curious about the way ahead.

Her empathy, warmth and sense of humour made me appreciate our sessions a lot, even though one would think those qualities can only shine when meeting in person rather than online. I wish her all the best and can only recommend her as an executive coach.

A.G., Director, European Parliament

That was a journey for me, or, I should rather say, the beginning of one. I thought for a moment that I don’t know if this journey was a success, if I managed to see a way out of the prison. But I realised I am in one and I am left with many tools to find it. Among them the words of Victor Frankl, to whom you introduced me : It becomes clear that the sort of person the prisoner became was the result of an inner-decision and not the result of camp influences alone.
I plan to use all the tools you gave me. I will give you more feedback, as my way of thanking you an recognising the value of what you taught me.

D.L., Officer, EU-Institution

The coaching with Christa exceeded by far all my expectations. The individual sessions were a combination of ad hoc discussions on challenges and topics I had encountered over the weeks before and the follow-up to some “homework” Christa gave me at the previous session. This combination provided me with a much better understanding of my role as director, compared to my previous post as head of unit, and with very helpful guidance how to approach certain individual cases that required my decision. The coaching was, thus, the perfect mix of assisting me in the development of a longer-term strategic vision for my work and of giving advice how to solve short-term challenges. By way of example, as a result of Christa’s coaching I adapted a very technical, though political important presentation by adding a few simple, yet powerful pictures which illustrated the underlying fundamental policy choice. Overall, I highly recommend Christa as a coach for senior management.

M.N., Director European Commission

Ms Cantieni Cunin accorded an incisive and extremely kind assistance that allowed me to overcome “mental blocks” that inhibited me from deploying effective business development initiatives.  She showed unparalleled listening and understanding skills and, thanks to her experience and knowledge of lawyers’ professional challenges and context, gave me very concrete, useful and efficient advice.

Thanks to her experience and expertise, it was extremely easy to talk about problems that non-lawyers cannot fully grasp or understand. I was also very surprised by how quickly her advice produced positive results for me.

In addition to her invaluable help in business development issues, she also allowed me to find solutions to properly manage my staff and team.

I can only thank her for the help she gave me and strongly recommend anyone to rely on her deftly and caring expertise.

J.C., Partner, International Law Firm

Christa is the first coach assigned to my personal & leadership development as a legal manager.
We were able to create right away a very trusted relationship.

Christa has a kind, methodical and holistic approach to help raise the awareness of the coachee on his/her (false) beliefs, needs, capacity, value etc. and to help enhance the communication of the coachee with the senior management.
Christa used different personal development tools which are very powerful.

During Christa’s coaching, I could:

  1. Develop my managerial personality (clarify my role as a manager, my position vis-à-vis senior management, create awareness of certain communication patterns, etc.) and establish a better work-life balance
  2. Escalate and communicate my resources issues to senior management
  3. Define my resources needs and define the profile for the function as senior legal counsel
  4. Receive leadership support during the onboarding of my new colleague

Christa received also very positive feedback from senior management.

I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the coaching sessions.

A.B., Head of Legal, Finance Industry

Fantastic what insights I’ve won within that very brief session. Could not be more grateful.
Christa comes, very respectfully, directly to the point. Thanks a lot again!

C.B., Senior Legal Counsel

As Christa knows, I was sceptical about coaching programs. I actually never followed any type of external coaching. I must admit, however, that this coaching program changed my mind on how beneficial and useful such a coaching can be.

Provided that you have the right coach that is very experienced and understands the profession of a lawyer, and the person being coached is willing to be honest and transparent, such a coaching program can be truly beneficial and address issues being faced by lawyers in leadership positions, in difficult situations with clients, or even the combination between private and professional life.

Given her extensive experience in working with lawyers in international law firms, Christa is able to immediately provide effective advice and useful recommendations. I believe she is a great coach and would recommend her to my colleagues.

K.D., Managing Partner, International Law Firm

Christa, I am grateful for having been able to work with you last year. A year no-one will forget, but certainly not I. You helped me through a challenging period with great result. I will not forget that.

G.B., Partner, International Law Firm

As a laterally hired partner, the coaching helped me tremendously with my transition and integration in my new firm. It was a very useful place to off-load in stressful moments in the beginning. I appreciated also the group sessions with the other partners of my practice group. – Bottom line: Christa helped me and the firm be more effective and I believe we have had greater team-effectiveness as from the beginning of my transition.

D.J., Partner, International Law Firm

Christa is a very competent coach!

Christa has very good listening skills and an unusual amount of empathy. Christa quickly grasped the situation I am in and understood and helped me address my learning/development needs. She provided me with great guidance and a tool-kit that I can now use in my daily life as a manager.
Christa is very flexible and during one of the sessions I proposed a new topic she immediately adjusted to the new situation.

I would love to work more with Christa in the future if I would get access to more coaching sessions.

A.O., Manager, European Commission

I had not imagined that only three coaching sessions (1.5h) could be as effective as they have been – thanks to Christa’s focus, experience and preparation we were able to cover a lot of ground, incl. reflection on my career (where am I headed, how do I get there and what I struggle with) and preparation of a presentation / work on my presentation skills.

Christa has been an excellent facilitator in our tripartite discussions with my sponsor – she communicated my goals in a clear manner and provided valuable assistance in formulating next steps for my sponsor.

Christa is extremely supportive and helped me to build further confidence in myself, she gave me very concrete feedback.

I overall enjoyed working with her very much as she created a professional, but yet warm environment, and brought not only her skills, but also her personality and style to the table.

J.H., Counsel, International Law Firm

Christa was an excellent coach.  The initial session to explain the results of the 360 exercise was done in a very methodical, informative, constructive and tactful manner. In the next two sessions she provided extremely useful, concrete approaches to address some of the matters that we had discussed. Her very kind, tactful and compassionate manner pairs extraordinarily well with a deep fund of knowledge and experience, making her coaching truly invaluable.
Christa I wish to thank you for making this exercise more than an exercise but truly a life-changing, learning experience for me.  As you rightly said, we can only learn when we are ready to receive so it seems that the stars were perfectly aligned for this exploration of new areas.  Thank you for your very kind, tactful and compassionate approach to providing advice and guidance.

A.H., Manager, World Health Organization

I very much enjoyed my coaching sessions with Christa and found the coaching very helpful and valuable for my transition to partnership.
We had five sessions (four by phone/video conference and one in person in my office). During the coaching, we focused on my position in the market, internal and external profile raising, business development and how to lead associates/PAs/teams.
Christa was really great in providing guidance and tools for planning/analysis and in leading me through the process of developing my own targets. She is a very empathic and skilled coach and benefits greatly from her in-depth knowledge of my firm. The sessions with her also provided reassurance to me with regard to which expectations for development I should have and that I am “on track”.
Overall, I was very satisfied with the coaching and would recommend it without reservations to my fellow colleagues.

S.N., Partner, International Law Firm

Christa has been extremely helpful.

We first focused on business development, which was the core challenge I am facing. She helped me organising a strategy and building a marketable speech.

We also worked on self-knowledge. It allowed me to build on my strengths, work on my weakness and identify the others’ profile in order to better interact with them.

We finally improved presentation skills, what I applied during a presentation for a client.

Besides, Christa was very empathetic and helped keeping the energy level as high as possible.

C.S., Counsel, International Law Firm

Christa, I was amazed that in less than 15 minutes of discussion you have figured out major characteristics of my personality. Your advice spoke both to my heart and mind, and made me realize few things about me.

E.D., Group Legal Counsel

The coaching with Christa helped me to think about things that I had avoided to think about it in the last years and are very important for my development. The program itself was a very good start point to design my plan for the next years and my potential promotion.

It was great to have someone to speak about my career who is not directly linked to the firm or involved in my day to day. A fresh view “unpolluted” allowed me to become aware of important angles of my development that I had ignored. Additionally, Christa’s support and advice encouraged me to prepare a realistic action plan to be developed in the short and medium term. I am really grateful.

A.G., Senior Associate, International Law Firm

Christa – just to let you know I made it to partner!!
Once again thanks a lot for you professional help and personal support that were instrumental for the successful outcome.

L.P., Partner International Law Firm

Christa is a Senior Coach who is well experienced in international institutional environments. She was listening and open minded (i.e. despite numerous other clients she has in the organisation she was not “pre-set mind”). Christa is creative and absolutely adapts to needs. She is a real multi-lingual coach (English, French, German). I would strongly recommend her to colleagues.

P.H., Senior Manager, European Institution

Thank you for joining us for the Closing and Kick-Off events.
I have received some enthusiastic emails from the Cohort saying how useful they found the session on Wednesday morning, and that they discovered the power of peer coaching.
Equally, this morning this year’s cohort commented on the many takeaways from and “lightbulb moments” in their coaching circle sessions.
It is fantastic to see the power of coaching come to life, and thank you for your continued support for our programme.
The programme is getting better each year, also thanks to you, your feedback and your willingness to share this journey with us.

M.K., Head of L&D, International Law Firm

I was very happy to work with Christa on this process – I have never participated in any mentoring / coaching programs and was very positively surprised. She always knew how to ask the right questions and steered the conversation to the right direction and in the end, I found the process to be very helpful. She made me really think about my career and future with some key tools and I am grateful for her for that. I’m sure she would be an excellent coach to anyone else too!

O.L., Senior Associate, International Law Firm

I am happy to now tell you that all your efforts paid off! Thanks to you I was able to “transform” myself into partner material, and I will be Partner as from 2021!!! I cannot thank you enough. It is great working with you.

P.N., Partner, International Law Firm

Dear Christa, I would like to say a big thanks for your time, availability  and coaching yesterday. Your external and objective view on my actual career development’s challenge and reflexion process is an added value that helps me to readjust the direction of my efforts and helps me to move forward faster and with more confidence. Many thanks for your valuable support!

G.S., Legal Counsel

Dear Christa, I just realized that I probably never told you that: a big part of the reason I did not give up is your calm and supporting advice. Thank you.

P.N., Counsel, International Law Firm

Thank you very much for your time and advice. It’s been great talking to you and guiding me to allow myself to listen to my thoughts.

L.R. Senior Corporate Counsel

Liebe Frau Cantieni Cunin

vielen Dank für Ihre E-Mail. Und vor allem vielen Dank für die umfassende Einsammlung des Feedbacks, pointierte Präsentation gegenüber uns Partnern und gründliche Diskussion in unseren beiden Video-Workshops. Uns vier Partner hat das je einzeln, aber auch insgesamt als Gruppe ganz enorm vorangebracht.

Seitdem „treffen“ wir vier Partner uns übrigens jeden Donnerstagmorgen für 90 Minuten zu einem Video-Austausch, in dem wir die unter Ihrer Moderation begonnene Diskussion fortsetzen und die einzelnen Themenblöcke systematisch und mit Blick auf konkrete Umsetzungsschritte fortsetzen. Sie sehen also: es hat wirklich etwas gebracht, wir haben das von Ihnen eingesammelte Feedback ernsthaft aufgegriffen und machen jetzt das Beste daraus.

Ihre Moderation und Unterstützung war wirklich fabelhaft! Und wenn wir jetzt im weiteren Verlauf spüren, dass wir noch einmal Ihre Hilfe brauche, werden wir uns sehr gern wieder vertrauensvoll an Sie wenden.

J.C., Senior Partner, International Law Firm

This programme was very interesting, interactive, authentic, organised, structured and inspirational.

Christa was very interactive. She has a real impact on people. She is an active listener and provides interesting feedback and a great guidance.

K.M., Lawyer, European Institution

This training on presentation skills was very useful and instructive. I have learned a lot about presenting and also about myself. – Christa is very competent and able to communicate the right messages. She is full of ideas and interesting insights on how to improve presentation skills. I am extremely satisfied with this programme.

D.F., Senior Manager, European Institution

The coaching has been extremely useful (and well conducted by the Coach) – allowing me to look at matters from a different perspective grasp relevant issues and handle them under the guidance of the Coach.

Christa Cantieni has been extremely professional, empathetic, patient and capable of motivating me throughout the process (and providing sound advice and guidance). – I would recommend Christa to anyone should ask my recommendation!

F.R., Senior Partner, International Law Firm

Chère Christa, Je me réjouis de vous revoir. J’ai dit à certains de mes associés que jamais personne ne m’avait mis une claque comme vous (l’idée leur a beaucoup plu) de manière à ce point professionnelle que j’avais trouvé que c’était le meilleur feedback jamais reçu au sein de mon cabinet.

Y.M., Senior Partner, International Law Firm

Thank you Christa for the coaching sessions, I am very grateful for all the things you managed to facilitate within myself.

A.A., Business Services, Law Firm

Christa is a great Coach who I strongly recommend. She is a great guide and trainer who is able to identify the  development areas which I was not aware of before. She is a great mentor.

A.R., Senior Associate, International Law Firm

This is a very good training on communications that can be recommended to anyone. It makes you become aware of some mechanisms and gives you tools to improve your communication with others. Christa is very competent and interested in people. She cares about the outcome and wants that participants get as much as they can from the training.

M.K., Officer, European Institution

Christa is an excellent Coach and Facilitator. She is calm with a very direct and friedly approach. She explains clearly and gives “food for thought” to the participants. The material used is clear and direct to understand. The programme was very interesting both from its content and from the sessions split over time (including the online self-assessment). It gave me the opportunity to reconfirm values and characteristics of my personality and learn new approaches to my communication. The 1:1 session with Christa was outstanding as I felt very relaxed. I really appreciated her very helpful tips. All the exercises were very interesting. I strongly recommend the training to all!  Christa gave me a boost. Thank you!

K.G., Manager, European Institution

Christa a une bonne méthode pour inciter et guider la réflexion permettant de trouver ses propres solutions et objectifs. Une approche très encourageante et constructive.

M.R., Counsel, International Law Firm

Christa was a great coach and I feel like I have benefitted greatly from her advice, tips and challenging questions. In a bit more detail:

  • She asked helpful questions which really made me think and consider my own goals and challenges, but those questions were not too “leading”.
  • Christa focused always on what I wanted out of the sessions and the Programme, but made helpful suggestions and observations along the way to focus the discussions when needed.
  • At one of our earlier sessions before I went on secondment, Christa said a few things that really stuck with me, and helped me to make the most of my secondment (e.g. how to approach people when I started, and how to ensure that I recognised, and made others see, my own worth and value).
  • She asked my Sponsor some challenging questions when I was struggling to do so.
  • On a more practical note, Christa chased me up to arrange meetings / calls when I was not being as responsive as I should have been, for which I am very grateful!

E.N., Senior Associate, Law Firm

Thank you for your great guidance which I am certain will help me to achieve partnership promotion !

A.H., Counsel, International Law Firm

Christa is a skilled and talented coach. She reads through the professionals she works with and maps out their skills, talents, needs, ambitions and potential. She then uses smart and well-tested methods to ensure that their clients make full use of their skills and talents to balance their professional and personal lives and working towards achieving their goals. Her experience as General Counsel makes her able to cut to the issues without unnecessary introductions and explanations.

I enjoyed working with Christa and benefitted from her wise advise and smart tricks and would hope that I keep working with her in the future for my professional development as a manager and a leader.

A.K., Senior Associate, International Law Firm

Christa was very helpful, practical and to the point. – She helped me to develop a vision of where I want to go.  Christa gave me valuable input that will help me on my future career.

M.O., General Counsel, Multinational Company

J’ai beaucoup appris dans ces séances et les indications de Christa m’ont permis de ganger en assurance dans ma communication. – Christa est une personne très à l’écoute et positive qui sait motiver ses coachees.

S.C., Director, European Institution

This workshop was very relevant to our day-to-day work. – Christa worked wonders on creating the right atmosphere and getting the messages across.

N.N., Counsel, Law Firm

Excellent workshop – real opportunity to engage with colleagues and be put on the spot. Good structure. Great exercises and a very constructive to spend the morning with my fellow partners. – Very good facilitation. Christa has a nice manner and gave a very structured presentation and feedback. Materials were good as well as useful. Thank you.

G.B., Partner, Law Firm

Good pace – right balance of theory and practice. Christa was very professional. She establishes trust immediately and keeps things moving in a very structured manner. Many thanks!

F.C., Managing Partner, International Law Firm

Extremely useful programme. It has made us partners think and I believe it has brought us closer together as a group. I already see a number of action items for internal follow-up. – Christa just provided the right balance between steering the conversation and allowing it to develop. Some very good ideas for us to take back and implement.

K.H., Partner, International Law Firm

I am very happy with the programme. It was fully adjusted to my needs. – Christa was perfect. She understood perfectly my concerns. She gave me very helpful feedback and I am very happy with her work.

R.S., Counsel, International Law Firm

The programme with Christa was extremely valuable to asses my strengths and weaknesses. I got extremely valuable feedback. – This was the best and most helpful training I had so far in my career. It really changed something in my self-perception and in my strategic thinking.

C.J., Manager European Institution

Christa’s coaching approach helped me becoming aware of unconscious drivers in my behaviour. She asked me questions to help me structure my thinking and proposed simple yet eye-opening exercise to help me see the situations from different perspectives and angles.

All of the above has helped me to understand myself deeply like never before and bottom out what have been limiting psychological inhibitors during most of my life.

Christa has this unique ability to understand her client, ask the right questions in the right way and provide compelling effective tools to help her client overcoming his fears and moving forward in a sustainable manner. This is truly amazing and ground breaking.

A.R., Chief Legal Counsel, Multinational Company

Très, très bonne formation (clarté, exemples, mises en situations,…). Les outils mis à ma dispositions seront très utiles à l’avenir. Très bon support écrit.

G.M., Senior Associate, Law Firm

Christa has an excellent interpersonal and one-to-one style. I really appreciated the way that she took the time to help me become more self-aware of my personality issues which might affect me in workplace situations including negotiations. – I liked the role-plays we did in the training very much. I particularly liked the way we analysed the outcome after the actual exercise. – Christa is extremely strong in one-to-one coaching and in leading group and role-playing exercises and facilitating discussions.

L.G., Manager, Finance Industry

Very good team event to better understand who are my colleagues and great and unique opportunity to talk about (positive and negative) qualities with colleagues.

E.P., Senior Partner, Law Firm

Very well structured and helpful; targeted approach with immediately applicable benefit. Christa was observant, critical and her constructive feedback was delivered in warm, personalised manner with encouraging results.

R.V., Head of Unit, European Institution

I am really very pleased with this training. I appreciated Christa’s knowledge, openness, adaptability, relevance and tailor-made value in this training about negotiation skills. The individual coaching session on day 2 was excellent!

Hellen W., Manager, Finance Industry

Interesting and thought provoking coaching. Great and useful insights thanks to enhanced awareness. Christa has a large background and maturity. Great listening skills.

B.S., Senior Partner, Law Firm

The coaching was excellent. Very careful, caring and effective. Christa found a good balance between being supportive, listening and yet challenging. Good at generating ideas!

R.C., Marketing Manager, Law Firm

The dialogue with Christa around my personal profile was very constructive. It never slipped into a fluffy psychoanalytical discourse, but remained a personal business oriented discussion, where I really appreciated that I was invited to help interpret/correct the result, rather than having it done for me.

J.L., Senior Counsel, Law Firm

This team event was very nicely balanced: interactions of this sort could easily lead to conflict or negativity and that was successfully and effectively avoided.

S.B., Senior Partner, Law Firm

Having participated in a number of training courses throughout my professional career I can – with no hesitation – say that Christa’s training was by far the best one I have attended. Speaking to the other participants, I understand that the training had a profound effect on all of us: Christa’s ability to distil key negotiation skills as well as her charismatic approach to the one-to-one coaching sessions I had, has distinguished Christa’s course from all others. – Following the very successful first training and the enthusiastic praises of all participants my organisation now entrusts Christa with a number of its training courses to its key managerial staff.

At a personal level, Christa’s track record demonstrates her high level of motivation commitment and extraordinary perception: when we had our one-to-one sessions I had the impression Christa could see through me. Throughout these sessions Christa helped me overcome limiting perceptions I had about myself that were blocking me from taking bold steps forward. After this training I have become more open in interactions with others and I can see the positive impact in my daily communications and negotiations.

Victoria K., Manager, Finance Industry

Christa is a great Coach. – I am very satisfied with this programme (mix of individual and collective sessions). In the collective session Christa built a comfortable atmosphere where feedback could be exchanged in a pedagogical manner. She has always taken the time to address the individual needs for improvement.

Nicolas P., Head of Legal, Finance Industry

Très bon mix d’informations et d’exercices. Atmosphère très positive. Progression immédiate des participants. – Le feedback m’a aidé à prendre conscience de choses dont je n’avais pas conscience auparavant. Ma motivation de prendre la parole en public est revenue après avoir disparu longtemps. C’est presque un plaisir!! Je peux intégrer dans ma pratique à 100% ce que j’ai appris.

Sarah K., Senior Associate, Law Firm

Very positive and productive team session. Very empowering from a personal perspective and very enriching from a group perspective. Will help us both, to develop as professionals and as a group.

S.C., Senior Partner, Law Firm

Génial! All staff/managers of our organisation should attend this programme! – Christa was just great! Thank you.

C.L., Officer, Finance Industry

Christa is a good listener with wise and mature advice. Gave me a great motivation to pursue my goals.

F.P., Senior Partner, Law Firm

I think you managed to make this team-event truly genuine. Indeed the risk of team building events ist that they become “formal”, meaning that people attending them go only because they are forced to. This one, in the contrary, was really interesting.

L.D., Associate, Law Firm

Having you have a critical review of one of my presentation was such a key added value. – Having a video helped a lot. Your pertinent and sincere positive and negative feedback was critical. I appreciated the mix of technical skills (presentation/slide deck) and the work on the soft side/mindset. Your tools and tips I can also use in other “critical” situations, not only when giving presentations.

Christa I would really want to thank you for your support and for helping me getting better in public speaking. I have and will continue to use all the tools and advice you gave me. – Last week I was given the opportunity to give a key note speech to an audience of 200 people before joining another panel discussion. There I polished again my slide deck and introduced more pictures (as we discussed). Feedback there was excellent!

P. G., Senior Manager, Finance Industry

As I said, very good, very focused, very relevant. Great job!

E.R., Partner, Law Firm

I did really appreciate the empathy of Christa and the ability to get myself to answer my own questions during our sessions. I also appreciated a lot the atmosphere created during our sessions.

M.H., Partner, Law Firm

This was an awesome programme with serious impact!

G.S., Manager, European Institution

Christa has a very, very good knowledge of business area and the work and challenges of a young partner. I particularly appreciated Christa’s ability to understand my way of thinking.

Martina H., Partner, Law Firm

Christa is a dedicated Coach always targeting the “best” to be taken out.

M.C. Compliance Manager, Finance Industry

Tout a été très utile pendant cette formation. L’échange permanent avec le coach et des participants était très enrichissant et rassurant. – Tout ce que j’ai appris est applicable. Je pense même dans un cadre très technique juridique et lors des présentations tant en interne que en externe.

C.R., Senior Associate, Law Firm

A very good balance between awareness raising and discussions of concrete steps to move forward. Christa is a very good listener. She remains focused on the general objectives of the coaching

J.R., Senior Partner, Law Firm

This programme was very good and interactive. Christa is very open to listening and contributes to a very good understanding of each topic.

R.A., Manager, European Institution

The coaching with Christa helped me to become more aware of my character traits, workings habits and preferences, strengths and weaknesses at work. It also helped me to better identify my role within the firm and what is expected from me. Finally, it helped me to identify my own expectations vis-à-vis my work and the firm. Based on the above, the coaching helped me to determine the key elements to improve in order to function better at work in general, and in particular within the firm. Finally, the coaching gave me adequate and personalised tools and methods to achieve these goals (organisation system, communication habits, stress management exercises, etc.). The result thereof is that I could drastically improve my self-confidence, my personal organisation and my efficiency, leading in a significant diminution of my overall stress level, with a positive impact on my well-being.

As explained above, the coaching helped me to increase my organisation and my efficiency, with a positive effect on the work I achieve within the firm (volume and quality).The use of some communication habits and tools helps me to inform the partners and colleagues in a more transparent way of the status of my work and of my workload. This should enable a better distribution of the work amongst the associates a better anticipation of the expected time for an assignment to be done, more efficiency when dealing with some unexpected (legal) issues in particular files. Finally, the coaching helped to establish a dialog with the partners in order to better identify their expectations, and gave me some tools and methods to meet these expectations more easily. Conversely, the coaching also helped to identify some structural issues that could have a negative impact on my work and my well-being and proposed some strategies to the partners in order to improve the work conditions where possible.

Christa did a great job in coaching me. I really appreciated her listening skills, as well as her very positive and constructive mind-set in analysing the situation. Through various discussion and exercises, she identified the relevant issues and addressed them in a very constructive way. She was also able to point out the positive aspects of my situation, which had a positive impact on my self-confidence. She proposed me adequate and personalised solutions to my problems, based on my character traits, my strengths and my weaknesses. This personalised work allows me to now benefit from efficient tools and methods I am comfortable with. Finally, I really appreciated Christa’s efforts and creativity to find workable solutions for all involved parties and to push me to bring the best out of myself. For all these reasons, I would recommend Christa to others without any hesitation.

P.H., Asscociate, Law Firm

All the three sessions were very value added in terms of inspiration and awareness. – Christa is very competent and has a nice and calm but involving approach. I appreciate how she stressed the importance of being authentic as a leader rather than learn/copy styles.

A.S., Manager European Institution

Présentation chaleureuse et très enrichissante. Merci.

Catherine B., Senior Associate, Law Firm

Christa managed to create an atmosphere of sharing ideas without participants have to worry how what they said might be perceived. The programme was very helpful in analysing my weaknesses and more particular on what to work on to be more successful in my job (and potentially even in life).  It was tough and exhausing but a great experience even though it was 100% out of my comfort zone.  – I particularly liked the “speed dating” session with the other participants which gave me valuable insights.

A.K., Lawyer, European Institution

Up to now the best training I have ever attended. Christa was extremely helpful and collaborative in letting us gain an understanding of communication techniques and our personality. The one-to-one session was absolutely enlightening.

C.C., Officer, European Institution

Very interesting team event. Well-structured. Good mixture of theory and exercises. Great participation of the group. Good interaction with group. Great facilitator!

L.B., HR, Law Firm

Very well organised and a lot of opportunities to exchange ideas. Very interesting and very interactive!

D.L., Associate, Law Firm

Bien merci pour votre bonne humeur pendant cette formation. C’était une journée très agréable, nous n’avons pas seulement extrêmement progréssé, mais nous avons aussi beaucoup ris!

Catherine P., Senior Associate, Law Firm

I have attended numerous professional development trainings throughout my career. Your programme was the best. I have undertook many personality tests etc. but I never thought they were of much insight. With the one you provided it is really different – I can really say: “this is me

I.T., Senior Manager, Finance Industry

J’ai réussi! Vous m’avez beaucoup aidé à remonter le moral et à voir les points positifs en moi. Vous m’avez aidé à cerner un peu plus ma personalité. J’ai bien fait de vous consulter et je suis tombé sur la bonne personne, je le pense sincèrement. Grand merci.

S.S., Avocate

Very good session. Interesting feedback on personal aspects but also on group complementarity. Very useful for both personal development and group/office culture.

S.D., Partner, Law Firm

Very nice programme! Interesting and exactly what you want to experience in a team event. – Thank you for the nice day!

J.B., Associate, Law Firm

This training programme has been absolutely interesting and inspiring. The coaching session could have last much longer. – Christa is a very good communicator and mediator between different interventions.

S.U., Manager, European Institution

After having successfully led for almost seven years a Legal Department, I was in search of a professional business Coach for my professional re-orientation. Because of Christa’s background as a successful lawyer and Legal Manager, I thought that she was the perfect Coach to support me (and I have done a great choice).

Formally we had 5 telephone conferences, each one lasting 2 hours, over a period of three months. The telephone conferences and the rhythm did absolutely correspond to my needs. These few sessions led to the forming of a profound and thoroughly thought basis for good decisions making.

I appreciated the direct questioning style of Christa. She launched a powerful internal process which led to a lot of concrete results in both my professional and my private lives. In her charming way, she confronted me repeatedly with my own contradictions. In this way she got to strengthen my positive, constructive and resource-focused tendencies.

Christa is very sensitive and empathic but also extremely structured. These capacities enabled her to often put into clear words what I was only intuitively aware of.

Christa is very dedicated as a Coach. She is a great listener with sharp analyzing skills. She used a whole set of helpful models and skills to increase my awareness. She offered a high quality professional support.

In summary, I think that coaching with Christa is highly effective and efficient in particular in periods of transition, change, re-orientation or crisis. I can absolutely recommend Christa, for both her professional competencies and her human qualities. I intend benefitting from her services whenever needed in future.

Ursula T., former Head of Legal Department, now working as Head Legal of a public administration agency

Great lessons learnt based on precise individual personality assessment. Interesting interaction with Christa who has great analytical skills.

C.G., Manager, Finance Industry

The coaching with Christa was a unique and extremely enriching experience.

Her capacity to listen and her discernment were very impressing. In her pragmatic way she was able to quickly guide me to the formalization of my project.

The effectiveness of her approach helped me to find unexpected resources within myself and unpredicted and surprising solutions to achieve my professional goals.

Valérie N., Head of Resourcing, Consultancy

To keep it short: a great coach !

Christophe M., Partner, Law Firm

Excellent. I have learnt a lot of things about my potential and ways to improve. Furthermore I’ve learnt how to speed read and behave with very different characters.

Christa is very competent and enthusiastic. Trainer and training to be recommended.

J.L., Director, European Institution

The programme with Christa has allowed me to gain more self-confidence. My self-assessment has revealed my strengths and qualities to develop and/or improve. I have realised that my role and attitude in the office need to evolve and that I need to set more clear boundaries.

S.D., Counsel, Law Firm

This programme was very helpful for the functioning and the team spirit of the legal department. I received excellent feedback in the one-to-one coaching. I highly recommend Christa for various departments within the organisation.

D.T., General Counsel