Christa Cantieni Cunin supports Institute of Belgian Company Lawyers for its Mentoring Program

Starting in September 2017 Christa has advised and supported the IBJ/IJE Mentoring Programme organised by the Institute of Belgian Company Lawyers. In total 12 General Counsel and Senior Lawyers from Delhaize, bpost, KBC, proximus, ELIA, ENGIE etc. have volunteered to mentor 12 more junior lawyers over a period of 9 months. Mid-term feedback was enthusiastic both from mentors and mentees. It was a great pleasure for Christa to support the IBJ/IJE in the design of the programme and guide and prepare mentors and mentees for their role.


At the beginning of the programme Christa said: ” I am happy to be part of this exciting new mentoring programme to come at the Belgian Institute for company lawyers.
As company lawyers, both future mentors and mentees, you have a lot to gain from participating at the IBJ/IJE mentoring programme. You will be part of a stimulating group of motivated lawyers who love their in-house role and you will get enriching insights in other company cultures and industry sectors. As a mentee you will have the privilege to get “off the record” insights from an experienced  peer. You will be in a confidential relationship where you do not have to prove yourself but get the great gift of taking advantage of the experience and business acumen of your mentor. You may address tricky issues like how to deal with difficult internal clients, company power and politics, frictions in the team or learn smart strategies for your own career advancement. As a mentor you may find the experience gratifying  and rewarding as it is a great way of contributing to the community and “give back”. In addition, you can also learn and deepen valuable leadership skills like active listening, the art of asking meaningful and challenging questions or how to give feedback to name only a few. Overall the whole adventure will be a great networking opportunity as you have the possibility to create long lasting trust relationships primarily with your mentor or mentee but also with the other participants of the programme.”